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What We Do/Services

We have significant expertise and are highly skilled in drafting Complex Bills of Costs for Provisional Assessment by The Court and also in the preparation of CCMS Claims for Processing by The Legal Aid Agency.

In addition we are adept at formulating High Costs Case Plans on the basis of Care Cases Fees Schemes – CCFS (Formerly known as The Events Pricing Model).

We are extremely knowledgeable in being able to identify all time/work which is entitled to be claimed within the Scope of a Legal Aid Certificate and indeed we Report back to Clients fully in this regard by way of the provision of a detailed ’Cost Draftsman’s Note’ . The said document duly accompanies the return of each file and serves to highlight any specific important issues which we consider are required to be brought to attention.

We have received feedback that the same has proven to be a very useful tool as regards to Fee Earners being able to grasp a greater understanding of precisely what they are able to claim in respect of a file and also in them being alerted as to any potential difficulties which may have been detected during the drafting stage.

We confirm that we offer services in the following areas of Legal Aid Work:-


  • Emergency Protection
  • Care
  • Supervision
  • Placement
  • Adoption
  • Secure Accommodation
  • Contact with a Child in Care/Discharge of a Care Order


  • Contact
  • Residence
  • Prohibited Steps
  • Specific Issue
  • Parental Responsibility
  • Enforcement of Any Section 8
  • Declaration of Parentage
  • Disclosure of a Child’s Whereabouts
  • Recovery of a Child
  • Change a Surname of a Child
  • Removal of a Child from The Jurisdiction
  • Ancillary Relief
  • Non Molestation
  • Occupation


  • Displacement of Nearest Relative
  • Section 21A of The Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • Judicial Review


We advise that in respect of all Court Assessed Bills of Costs which have been prepared by us we offer at no extra charge a ‘Post Assessment Service’ which entails the preparation of the EX80A/EX80B Form and thereafter inputting the Final Bill for Payment via CCMS.

Furthermore, we are also able to prepare Written Submissions/Appeals for consideration by The Court/The Legal Aid Agency.

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