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About Flexi Costs

Our particular field of expertise and skill is in dealing with the costing of all aspects of Legal Aid Family and Civil Law Matters.

In view of the significant changes which have been implemented by The Legal Aid Agency in recent years and the overall impact arising from the same then we are therefore extremely conscious of the fact that it is imperative that Fee Earners are confident that the issue of their costs is being thoroughly addressed.

We pride ourselves on the level of customer care which we are able to provide as we understand the importance of communicating very closely with all of our clients to ensure that we can provide a bespoke service which meets all of their specific needs and to ultimately ensure that profit costs are maximised to their full potential.

In addition we have a proven success rate of our Bills being regularly ‘assessed as drawn’ by The Court/The Legal Aid Agency and this includes in scenarios where any additional enhancements claimed have been fully recovered and particularly in respect of cases which feature an exceptional degree of complexity namely Public Law Proceedings, or Rule 16.4 Children’s Guardian Matters.

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